Welcome to our wiki! Here you can find lots of useful resources, ranging from previous session slides to installation guides for various tools and hacking environments

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct - you must read this before you come to our sessions and use it to protect yourself from doing anything illegal! Remember, we're Ethical Hackers

Past Sessions

Slides from our past sessions, available to view and download


View the worksheets for all of our sessions here

Fundamental Skills

Our Fundamental Skills series, with plenty of lessons in the crucial tools and techniques for a penetration tester!

Useful Resources

A long list of useful resources, curated by your committee to help kickstart your Cybersecurity learning, discover interesting blogs and research, and reference the field's most useful tools

Kali Virtual Machine

A guide for installing a Kali Virtual Machine

Juice Shop Setup

A guide for setting up Juice Shop, a platform we will be using extensively in sessions!