Here you can find some useful information about careers in cybersecurity

We know it can be daunting to start out in the cybersecurity world - that's why we've put together a list of resources for our members to use

On this page you can find lists of companies that offer graduate jobs, Year in Industry placements, and summer placement opportunities - in both the public and private sector

We'll also give some advice on what makes a good cybersecurity candidate, and how to improve your cyber CV!

Three of our committee members are currently on a Year in Industry, and one of us has already completed one - so we have plenty of advice to give, and are happy to answer questions during sessions or via any of our social media channels :)

What kind of jobs can I get?

There are cybersecurity jobs in a wide variety of fields - you can go into penetration testing, formal verification, network security, and academic research

You might develop software, give talks, defend a company's infrastructure, or perform live assessments of another company's applications or websites

There are also plenty of opportunities for those who wish to take a more academic path - Sheffield has both a Security of Advanced Systems and a Verification research group

We have also curated a list of various cybersecurity companies, as well as some societies that we work with

How should I practice?

First and foremost, you should buy a membership and come along to our sessions! ;)

Once you've done that, there are plenty of useful resources on our wiki! We have curated lists of places to practice, the skills and technologies you might want to learn, and have a whole host of learning resources - from copies of our slides, to assorted worksheets and mini tutorials


Many companies offer placements perfect for graduates or industry years - a good resource for finding placements is the University's Career Connect portal

If Career Connect is not your thing, we will provide a list of opportunities advertised by companies that have partnered with SESH here. This list will be updated as our partners advertise opportunities, so remember to check back often! Some partners might choose not to advertise on our site, so make sure to come to all of our sessions to keep up with new placements and projects that are being offered!

There are also currently some opportunities for some small cybersecurity projects with one of our industry partners - if you are interested, please contact us at [email protected]