Former Committee

Meet the former committee members:

Secretary (2022-2023) + General Member (2023)


Ayyub is a 2nd-year Computer Science student. He likes to work on passion projects and learn more about technology. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, walks and video games.

Picture of Ayyub

Finance and Development Officer (2020-2021)


Brooks is a Molecular Biology student who enjoys pretending to be a computer scientist and breaking Linux systems (occasionally intentionally).

Picture of Brooks

Operation Officer (2020-2021)


Chloe's interests include web scraping, event organisation and cycling.

Picture of Chloe

Publicity Officer


Ella is a 1st year Computer Science student. Interests of hers include graphic design, research into cyber events and mathematics.

Picture of Ella

Vice-President (2018-2020)


Jack is a Security Consultant at a penetration testing consultancy. Currently he largely focuses on web, APIs and infrastructure, while working on getting into red teaming.

Picture of Jack

President (2018-2020)


John is a Systems Engineer at a hedge fund. In his spare time he contributes to open source software and creates CTF challenges.

Picture of John


Mac (2021-2023)

Mac is an MSc Cybersecurity & AI student. He likes building tools, threat modelling, and AI. In his spare time he writes and enjoys climbing and scouting.

Picture of Mac (2021-2023)

Vice-President (2021-2022)


Nick is a 3rd-year Software Engineering student. He enjoys computer networking, cyber security and sailing.

Picture of Nick

Operations Officer (2021-2022)


Nicki is a 4th year Computer Science student who has just finished her cyber security placement. She enjoys cyber oriented software dev and playing music.

Picture of Nicki

General Committee Member (2021-2022)


Rong is a student at the University of Sheffield studying MSc Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Picture of Rong

Inclusions (2021-2022) + Secretary (2022)


Seb is a 3nd-year Computer Science Student. He likes to work on new programming projects, creating tools to help others and cybersecurity.

Picture of Seb

Inclusions Officer (2020-2021)


Sohyun is a software engineering student. She enjoys web development and cyber security.

Picture of Sohyun

Finance & Development Officer (2021-2022)


Vlad is a 2nd-year Computer Science student who likes programming, GNU/Linux, and cybersecurity.

Picture of Vlad