Former Committee

Meet the former committee members:

Finance and Development Officer (2020-2021)


Brooks is a Molecular Biology student who enjoys pretending to be a computer scientist and breaking Linux systems (occasionally intentionally).

Picture of Brooks

Operation Officer (2020-2021)


Chloe's interests include web scraping, event organisation and cycling.

Picture of Chloe

Vice-President (2018-2020)


Jack is a Security Consultant at a penetration testing consultancy. Currently he largely focuses on web, APIs and infrastructure, while working on getting into red teaming.

Picture of Jack

President (2018-2020)


John is a Systems Engineer at a hedge fund. In his spare time he contributes to open source software and creates CTF challenges.

Picture of John

Inclusions Officer (2021-2022)


Picture of Kimberley

Vice-President (2021-2022)


Nick is a 3rd-year Software Engineering student. He enjoys computer networking, cyber security and sailing.

Picture of Nick

Operations Officer (2021-2022)


Nicki is a 4th year Computer Science student who has just finished her cyber security placement. She enjoys cyber oriented software dev and playing music.

Picture of Nicki

General Committee Member (2021-2022)


Rong is a student at the University of Sheffield studying MSc Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Picture of Rong

Inclusions (2021-2022) + Secretary (2022)


Seb is a 3nd-year Computer Science Student. He likes to work on new programming projects, creating tools to help others and cybersecurity.

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Inclusions Officer (2020-2021)


Sohyun is a software engineering student. She enjoys web development and cyber security.

Picture of Sohyun

Finance & Development Officer (2021-2022)


Vlad is a 2nd-year Computer Science student who likes programming, GNU/Linux, and cybersecurity.

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